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Drawing like Batman and Robin

Here’s a fun drawing by Jim Carrillo who tweets at @SonofWagonWheel. It’s a mashup from one of my videos where I went drawing city buildings with Sarah Silverwood Taylor.

It’s great fun to sketching with another artist, to learn what motivates them, where they are coming from and pick up a few tips along the way.

Me-and-BatmanSarah is very influenced by comic books and likes to imagine herself as Batman or Spiderman sitting on top of a building surveying the city below. This idea must have caught Jim’s imagination, so he has turned Sarah and I into the Dynamic Duo in the Batcave – I particularly like how my glasses have turned into Robin’s mask!

During our day together drawing, Sarah and had an idea for an art project which we may well pursue when she get back from drawing the city of Chicago. The we really would be a dynamic duo!

Here’s another picture, my proudest moment – meeting the real Batman!

Drawing Skyscrapers with Sarah Silverwood Taylor


Drawing-SkyscrapersIn Part Two of my series of Videos with Sarah Taylor Silverwood, we go to the top of the New public library and look out on the rooftops of Birmingham and draw the tall buildings in front of us, while discussing ideas and drawing techniques.

Sarah is preparing for a residency in Chicago where she will be drawing really tall buildings. Sarah told me that her fascination with tall buildings comes from brooding images of Superman, Batman and other superheroes, sitting on the roofs of buildings surveying the cities they look after. Are they Guardian angels or voyeurs?!!

In this video Sarah explains how she uses tracing paper to build layers and add depth to her drawings.

I’d like to congratulate Sarah on becoming a board member of DACS today, It’s the artists’ rights and collection agency organisation in the UK – as I said in there last video – making waves! Find out more about Sarah here: http://www.sarahsilverwood.com

Sarah uses:

Seawhite A5 Artists travel journal sketchbook – the one I use too –

Sharpie Magnum – in the UK and in the US

Chalk pen in the Uk and In the US

Uni Pen Fineliners – Get them in the UK

Sakura Pigma Micron Pens – get them here in the UK and here in the US

and Copic Ciao markers – get them here in the UK and here in the US