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1000 youtube subscribers!

Hooray! 1000 subscribers on my YouTube Drawing School Site!

My drawing school seems to be going from strength to strength. I reached my 1000th subscriber last night – a Graphic Design student at Full Sail University in Florida.

The whole drawing school program is a huge amount of work. Sometimes I do wonder why I do it. Then I get days like yesterday – milestones that keep me going. Also, I’m making lots of new friends around the world. It truly is amazing the reach of youtube and the internet.

Thanks to all my subscribers. Keep watching and keep drawing. Many more videos on their way. (It’s Valentine’s day soon – that’s a hint!)

Digilante – I’ve been saved by the Dark Knight of the Internet!

There are good guys out there! In my post yesterday about This Website Business, I mentioned how much work was involved in making sure that a registration system was secure and how I thought one of those who had registered was a bit suspicious.

Well, last night I received a very strange email. It came from Digilante – the digital vigilante. Digilante was so fed up with having their forums spammed, they bit back and spammed the spammers, taking over their email accounts, so that whenever they compromise a forum account, an email is sent to the webmaster warning them to tighten up security. How brilliant is that!

I got straight onto my admin account, closed down the login and erased the offending registered accounts. There’s a lot to think about before I allow people to log on to the site to access extra content .

It is weird though. It’s as though the Dark Knight is watching over me from the roof tops! I feel a little bit special to have been picked out for their protection – silly but heart warming. Thanks Digilante – I think you may have saved from a whole heap of hassle!