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Amazing Drawing!

Juan's-drawingsI had a message from Juan Camilo Rincon from Bogotá, Colombia last week that said:

Someone shared this video (how to draw a Viking Ship) on a Facebook group about mythology and i just gave it a go. It was so cool!!! Super clear and almost therapeutic, after that i decided that i was going to learn from you… so i went back to your very first video, the Ginger Ninja and the rest is history: i have drawn every single one up to here, and i plan to continue (6 of your drawings a day and i’ll catch in about 4-5 months hahaha). Last week i was on the beach and i asked my sister to just pick some subjects for me to draw and i was able to apply what i’ve learn from you so far, so it is working!!! Thank

Juan has sent me all those drawings on one large picture – click the picture above to see it in detail.

Juan is 23, an archery champion and a 3d artist who realises that the simple ideas are sometimes better worked out as pencil sketches and wanted to improve their real world drawing skills. You can check out Juan’s work here https://www.youtube.com/user/Efesios417/videos

Maybe drawing a Viking Longship will get you drawing too? here’s the video that got Juan going. let me know how you get on!


Share your drawings

warmington-school-shoo-raynerWarmington School came to my session at the Oundle KidLit Festival on Monday. The children presented me with a book of their drawings, inspired by my videos. I was thrilled!

I’m always thrilled to see what people do with my drawing videos. I get messages from all around the world to say they are used in classrooms classrooms from elementary schools to Universities! It’s very gratifying to know.

Many people ask how they can share their drawings. There are so many ways these days. Often I’m sent of to websites and have to hunt artwork down. Frankly, I don’t have the time. So I’ve set up a G+ community where you can share your drawings, and where I will see them.

I chose G+ because it is intimately linked to youtube and that is where the videos are.

I’ll look forward to seeing your drawings, inspired by my videos, and hearing your stories too.

Above is a video which explains a bit more.

Doodling is good for you

doodlesmlDoodling is good for you.

Doodling is good for the brain and for your creativity. As you doodle, the left hand side of the brain begins to go to sleep and all those annoying thoughts about what, where, when and how, fade away.

The the magical process begins. The right side of the brain, given time and space to be in charge, somehow come up with all the answers that the left side of the brain is demanding.

If ever you are stuck for an answer, stop trying to force it out, start doodling instead. You will be amazed!

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