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The Great Malarkey Festival – Hull 2017

I can’t believe a week has gone by since The Great Malarkey Children’s Festival in Hull.

I got back Sunday night and had to pile straight into a major rewrite of a story on Monday and Tuesday before heading off to London on Wednesday for the Fabulous Harper Collins 200th Birthday Party at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Then, On Thursday I gave a YouTube tutorial to Authors at the Society of Authors in the morning followed by a Children’s writers and illustrators committee meeting in the afternoon. Paddington was closed, so I had the most horrendous journey home, in the heat, staring up in numerous, boiling hot railway carriages, so today, having just spent the afternoon on a major weeding expedition – they keep growing while you are away – is the first day I’m starting to feel a ┬ábit relaxed again!

Anyway, here are all the remaining videos that I made about the sketchbook I kept at the festival, as the Illustrator in Residence.



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Look inside my Eurovision sketchbook

Eurosketchbook-smallSaturday saw the 2014 Eurovision Song contest. I drew all the way through and tweeted the results as I went along. It was exhausting!

Each song is about 2 minutes long, the camera can sometimes take 30 seconds to focus in on the singer – very frustrating. I have to choose who is the person to draw and go with it.

I suppose I take a snapshot in my mind and do the best I can. The camera doesn’t stay on the person you want for very long, and then an ice skater appears so you never get to see the drawing subject again!

It requires speed, concentration and stamina! The next song was usually starting as I was still tweeting the previous drawing.

Hope you enjoy.