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Have a look inside my Amsterdam Sketchbook

My-Amstrerdam-SketchbooksmallI went to Amsterdam the week  before last and did a lot of drawing in my sketchbook. There’s not a lot about Amsterdam in the book but there is a lot about the people and their bicycles as well as inspiration from the art galleries and museums.

Have a look inside and see what interests me when I visit another country! You’ll also see me drawing in a bar having supper in the evening!

Have a look inside my Sketchbook

Have a look inside my latest sketchbook. This is one of my small sketchbooks that I carry around with me if I’m going somewhere. It’s a Moleskine sketchbook with nice watercolour paper, But I didn’t do any water colour in it! all drawn with Rotring Tikky Graphic pens.

What to put in your sketchbook – The Wednesday Drawing Show

I was going to talk about tracing this week, but it seems to have slipped off the video! – There’s quite a lot in the mail and the wall of Fame – A great book review – Yes! It’s manga! – and why everyone should keep a sketchbook featuring the Sketchbooks of the fabulous theRHExperience ( http://www.youtube.com/user/therhexperience ). Three guys who make up a very funny improvisational comedy team. You will also see – http://www.youtube.com/user/khyan1 and http://www.youtube.com/user/creativebymind

There’s also a reminder about the meet up tomorrow! Yes, If you live in London, or can get there, I will be at the British Museum at 2pm by the Big Lion in the Great Court. You are welcome to come drawing with me! I have 40 free Rotring Tikky Graphic pens to give away thanks to the great people at Rotring Pens! Many thanks. The first three people to say “hello! I love the shooraynerdawing Channel” will get an exclusive Shoo Rayner sketchbook!

Here are the Bakuman Manga book links for Amazon
http://bit.ly/Bakuman-Amazon-co-uk http://bit.ly/Bakuman-Amazon-com-US