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How to use a sketchbook

How-to-use-a-sketchbook-smallI did a lot of sketching during my recent trip to Amsterdam. I had a wonderful time. Talking with my friends in the evening, as we discussed what we’d seen that day, I was drawing away happily when I realised that everyone was watching, but they were involved in the drawing and the conversation continued even though I was, i suppose, not 100% concentrating on the conversation. But no one felt I was excluding myself or that they were excluded. We agreed it was a good thing to do for everyone.

So, let go of your inhibitions and draw, your friends will want to be involved helping you remember things and probably wanting to be drawn themselves!

Pencil Roughs

I’ve just finished the pencil roughs for my first Axel Storm book. I’m not going to share them with you because they look a complete mess! I use that word, “rough,” to mean just that.

There is a level of reworking and sketching and roughing out that makes the finished drawings lose something – spontaneity, I suppose. I’d rather do a bad finished drawing, scrap it and start again than do too much work at the pencil stage.

I pity my editors. Every time I get a new editor, they have to learn my language of roughs. Sometimes they really can misinterpret!