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How to Draw the Apollo Command Module Spacecraft

I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid and drew space stuff all the time.

I’ve started a pinterest board for primary/elementary school space times and wanted to do this video for that board.

See the board here.

How to draw a mouse spaceship

In this video, I show how to draw a mouse spaceship from my book series, Dark Claw, which is a sort of Star Wars epic with Cats and mice – or Kats and Muss – Muss are anything from mice and rats and hamsters to chinchillas!

Click here to find out more about how I came to write and design the characters and spaceships involved in the Dark Claw Series

You can watch the animated version of the story on my Storytime Channel. This is the playlist for the whole series: http://bit.ly/DarkClawStory

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Learn more about Dark Claw, learn how to draw the characters and and all the great Muss and Kat spaceships: http://bit.ly/DrawDarkClaw

Can’t wait? Want to read the book?

Read on Kindle Fire: http://bit.ly/DarkClawKIndle

Ricky Rocket – space-themed readers


Are you planning a space project in school this year? If you are, you may well be looking for space-themed readers to excite your children.

Ricky Rocket is the only human boy on the Planet of Hammerhead – He lives a pretty normal life with his Mum, Dad and horrid little sister, Sue, but his classmates are aliens from all over the Universe, his teacher, Mizz Fizz, is a robot and Ricky flies to school in his own rocket – with stabilisers!

ricky_Rocket_maskThese books are perfect for reading aloud and for newly confident readers to finish in a confidence-building sitting. They are funny, fast paced and loved by children all across the Universe! Get signed copies here with free Ricky Rocket Posters

There are colouring-in sheets available here, and a how to draw Ricky Rocket video at the bottom of this page.