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Where do babies come from? – Special Delivery – New book, not a kids book!

Let me read you my new book, Special delivery, which is now available on Amazon and as a special, numbered, 1st edition of 100, here on my website. ( If Amazon say it will take 2 months ignore that – they always say that with a new title.)

I realised that this is not a kid’s book when I tried to launch it on kickstarter. It looks like one, but the real audience are expectant parents, new parents and anyone who has had the joy and exhaustion of bringing up kids themselves.

How do you choose a baby in this online, digital world? On your iPad, of course! Penni and Benni are choosing their perfect, new baby. Thank goodness… help is at hand! Starting a brand new family is an adventure full of surprises!

Buy it here on Amazon UK https://amzn.to/2r4pkwp

Amazon USA https://amzn.to/2Y5AFs2

Amazon Canada https://amzn.to/37X2DuQ

From my website with poster, height-chart, signed and numbered while stocks last: http://bit.ly/SpecialDeliveryHomepage

Can I illustrate a book in only 11 days? Creative Challenge!

Can I illustrate a book in only 11 days? In this creative challenge, I will be spending the next 11 days illustrating like a mad man… I Started on Sunday and have been drawing and painting every day!

I’ve been wanting to make my book, Special Delivery, for years but, as it’s not quite my usual thing, it keeps being pushed to the sidelines.

So, I’m just going to get on with it. I’m going to illustrate it over the next 11 days and get it off to the printers!

I will be posting something here everyday to keep you up to date so you can follow along and you will be able to pre-order a special launch edition here: https://www.shoorayner.com/specialdelivery

Join me on Patreon for mush more technical detail and get a free copy in time for Christmas when you going my Publisher level.