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Before Window Light – another animation I did the voice-over for

Here is another short animated movie that the Morrow Bothers asked me to voice for them.

It’s a short film about night sleep and dreams – being the Morrow Brothers, they are slightly scary and wonderfully weird dreams – Enjoy and pleas subscribe to the Morrow Brothers and give the video a like. It all helps to promote their painstaking hard work.


Look what I narrated!

A year ago I was asked to narrate a short stop frame animation called Comet – you can see it here

This year, the Dan and Derek Morrow, the Morrow Brothers, asked me to narrate their late work, Token Hearts, a heart-warming story of love and dedication. The hero is a nutcracker, bringing the old Hans Christian Anderson story up to date with an American twist with a bit of Frankenstein and Tim Burton thrown in for good measure!

It’s weird and wonderful hearing yourself tell a story to the visuals you’ve not seen before, but at last the video is live.

You can see just how much hard work they have put into the plasticine right here. Enjoy! and please give the video some love, thumbs up and comments too. It all helps to make it more visible on YouTube.