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The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo – Rudyard Kipling – Just So Stories – Read Along

The Kangaroo wants to be different. He wants to be popular so that other animals will follow him. His wish is granted – but why is Yellow- Dog Dingo chasing him all through the land?

A fresh, new retelling of the classic Just So Story to bring it up to date with more modern ideas, language. The author, Rudyard Kipling, also wrote the Jungle Book over a hundred years ago.

Get the book from amazon here in the UK Here in the USA And here in Canada.

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Alpha Betty – Learn English Through Story – Word Play

Betty loves making signs, she even sets up her own shop to sell them. But will Tacky Tim’s Sign Superstore put her out of business?

Easy text for beginners and learners.

Playful word images helping to tell the story.

I was a signwriter many years ago, so this story comes from the heart and is one of my favourites. I think it is quite unusual. In preparing the video, I realise that business quite often comes into my stories. I think I want children to know that most stuff happens because of the enterprise of people who get up and do things!

Walker – The boy who can talk to dogs – Big Dog Performance

This is a live session about Walker, the boy who can talk to Dogs, that I made for the Big Dog Children’s Book Festival for Dumfries in Scotland, organised by the Wigtown Book Festival.

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Sadly, due to the corona virus lockdown, the Big Dog Children’s festival is unable to go ahead as planned,but the organisers have put together a fantastic online alternative programme. @wigtownbookfest https://www.facebook.com/BigDogBookFestival/