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How to design characters

Designing characters for picture books or animation is one thing, but being able to draw them again and again from different angles too is something quite different. It takes a lot of drawing and trial and error until the character on the page in front of you resembles the idea that you had in your head.

It takes a lot of drawing and practice to get to the point where I’m happy to proceed with a book. I will sometimes have been thinking about the book for years. I’ve been thinking and planning this ebook I’m working on, for about 8 years now, so I have a fairly good idea of what it is I’m after.

Keep following as I build this ebook for iPad.

This eBook is going to be linked to my Sweetlittlebabyboo! iPone app. Get it here. Grown up’s love it as much as babies do!

Sweet Little Baby Boo! Upgrade V1.1

Hooray! Version 1.1 – a free update – is available on itunes for my Sweet Little Baby Boo! iphone app.

There are one or two technical improvements which you probably won’t notice, but now the app comes with a choice of babies!

For a start there are girls and they all come in pinkish, brownish and yellowish shades, so they should appeal to a wider, international market.

If you’ve got this on your phone already upgrade now. If you haven’t – why not!?