22 How to Draw Thanksgiving Videos!

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How to draw the Mayflower

MayflowerThanksgiving, in the USA, is on Thursday the 28th November. The day celebrates the survival of the Pilgrim Fathers first year in the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts in America. Having fled persecution in Britain to Holland, the group decided to set up across the Atlantic. They sailed from Plymouth Rock in the Mayflower across the Atlantic Ocean. The journey took over a month and a half. The boat wasn’t very big and met storms on it’s way.

Every year, Americans meet up for a family dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving They eat Roast Turkey with cranberry sauce and Pumpkin pie for afters, much as we do on Christmas Day in Britain – except that we have Christmas pudding!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American viewers and readers

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11 Thanksgiving Drawing Ideas

Write-Happy-ThanksgivingsmallThanksgiving is coming up on Thursday November 28th. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Britain as the thanks being given is for the safe arrival of the Pilgrim Fathers who fled persecution on these shores.

Much has happened in the years in between, but Britain and the USA still have a special, family relationship because of our long, shared history. So Happy Thanksgiving to all my viewers and readers in the USA and I hope some of these drawings will prove useful leading up to the celebrations.

How to draw Thanksgiving Stuff

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States, where I have a lot of followers. so here are three new daring tutorials for Thanksgiving this year. If you click on the Turkey picture, You will be taken to the Thanksgiving drawing playlist with all the previous Thanksgiving Tutorials I’ve made.

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