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The Wednesday Drawing Show #3 20 Nov 2019

I have started up the Wednesday Drawing Show again – Live! I have new software that makes it all so much easier and possible. Take a look and let me know what you think.

The show has been through a few iterations over the last 10 years or so. Each time I had to give up for technical reasons or because it took too much time to prepare. Now I seem to have everything in place to try again.

Caricature – The Wednesday Drawing Show Jan 30 2013

This week, Nick from the WashedUpTV Channel on Youtube joins me to talk about caricaturing.

I got to know Nick when he surprised me with a caricature he had done of me!He’s made a series of videos showing his technique and thought process which you can see here. He’s also drawn many caricatures of famous people which you can see on this playlist. Nick has a very individual style and you will learn a lot from following his funny tutorials. Make sure you subscribe to his channel to keep up with what he’s doing.

I’ve had a dismal go at Drawing Nick and President Obama. Caricature is a real skill. by drawing faces everyday, you build up a knowledge of how they are put together and also what it is that gives a person their unique character. Over time, you’ll build up a dictionary or vocabulary of shapes, noses, moths and eyes, and you’ll be able to spot people’s outstanding features and put all your knowledge to work. A bit like knowing a lot of words and knowing how to put them together to write a story. It’s all practice!

Brian, who is a Fine Arts Student, has written to tell me that has started up a Thursday Drawing Club! What brilliant idea! I made him a logo along the lines of the Wednesday Drawing Show.

It struck me that you could have a drawing club any day of the week! All you need to do is invite a friend around for tea, watch the Wednesday Drawing Show and have a go at doing the weekly task together. You could do this as an after school club, an Over Eighties club, A town Library, college or University club. The Wednesday Drawing Show is for everyone – age doesn’t matter at all – have a go in your own way. The secret iS not to talk about it, but do it!

When you’ve drawn something and shared it, then you can have a cup of tea and a chat!

Go to the Club Page to find out more and choose which day of the week you want your club and to grab a logo to get you started making posters and invitations for your friends!

I messed up the “Sunday Gallery Show! I should have reviewed the snakes! I’ll do that next week, but you can see last week’s “review here, featuring eyes drawn with rubbish materials.

I am so short of time over the next few weeks, the production quality may go down a bit on the show and there are no captions either, but I’ll do my very best to get the show out every Wednesday.

Snakes, Eyes, and Celtic Knots – The Wednesday Drawing Show

This week’s Wednesday Drawing Show is all about snakes – Why? because it’s The Chinese New Year next Month and it will herald the Year of the Snake. Why now and not Next month, then? Because you need to get some practice in to get ready to celebrate and draw snakes.

According to Wikipedia, “Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means your family will not starve. The Snake is keen and cunning, quite intelligent and wise.” That’s Chinese Culture. I’m not sure if the snake is as welcome in many other cultures!

In this show I’m going to show you a bit about Eyes and how to draw them from the side. I’ve made a video for monday which will continue this lesson into understanding elipses a bit more.

Then I’m going to show you a three ways of making you snake looks smoother and curvier and then I’ll show you how snakes are involved in celtic knots and the art of the Vikings and Anglo Saxons.

Plus a fun What’s in the mail? A look at the wonderful drawings of famous people that you posted to the http://www.thewednesdaydrawingshow.com/uploadyourdrawings/ website and at the end all the other drawings you have wanted to share. This is getting so popular so quickly I think I’m going to have to put them all in their own video as the show is getting too long!

Also this weeks task to upload to the same address. Draw a snake – Any kind of snake or anything to do with snakes. Snake patterns, celtic knots, realistic snakes, mechanical snakes… let your imagination go wild and then go to http://www.thewednesdaydrawingshow.com/uploadyourdrawings/ and share your work with us all. And don’t forget to tell us you tell us who you are! I’ll look forward to seeing it.