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A super value Digital Controller for art students – TourBox Lite

Tourbox lite is a new super value digital controller that is now available for $95 – get an extra, exclusive $5 off using code – shoorayner (follow this link https://www.tourboxtech.com/en/tourbox-lite/?tbkid=960917666237911040 valid til may 1st 24)

Tourbox Lite is a box full of knobs and wheels and buttons that you can assign to any function in any app or program that you use on your computer – Mac or PC. Turn your most used actions into quick simple button presses.

I use it mostly with Photoshop or now Affinity Photo. The central knob is worth every penny on it’s own. Choose a brush and the knob instantly changes the brush size. I love it just for that.

I have been using the TourBox Digital Controller every day for a couple of years now and it’s a part of my working life. I think it is the best digital extra you can get for your computer – and I’m not being paid to say that! It’s what your left hand is for – or right if you are left-handed. It’s quite happy being placed wherever is best for you.

I use it for stop motion, video editing, audio editing, scanning, word-processing and more. It automatically adjusts to your current, open app. You just have to chose the settings and remember which buttons to press.

You may think its a lot to learn and get used to. My first day took me about a morning to work it out, get set up and choose how I’d use it. By the afternoon it was like I’d always been using it. I would be lost without it now.

There are some processes that I’ve speeded up no end. It’s taken the boring bit out of editing and made it fun.

TOURBOX ELITE – The First Bluetooth Editing Controller For Digital Creators

Go to the Kickstarter Page to see the launch offers available right now: – https://bit.ly/TourBoxKickStarter

This amazing little gadget has transformed the way I work on Photoshop, inDesign, FCPX, Ecamm, audition and even my scanner! I can trigger scanning events in the desktop, from across the studio where the scanner lives. So cool!

I’ve been using the TourBox Neo for a while now. It only took a week or so to break old keyboard shortcut habits and to create new habits on the TourBox. You can set up the TourBox in any way you like to suit you and your working style. We all do different things and my choices may well baffle you and vice-versa. But they work really well for me.

Zooming into images and rotating them is a snap. Altering brush size is so intuitive. Swapping between tools is so easy. and those weird things you do a lot – with me it is creating a copy of a layer, can all be programmed for one button touch. You can also create a separate set of buttons for different jobs in the same app.

The TourBox Elite comes in Black, White or Retro Transparent and it has two channel bluetooth, so no cables – you can also swap between desktop and laptop with a quick push of the button on the back. The eElite also has haptics, so you can speed up and slow down the wheels and dials to suit so you get “bump” and audio feedback.

I feel honoured to be asked to make these reviews by TourBox as I think this is a really good product – very well made, filling a definite need and niche. I have imagined just such a tool for sometime and kept looking out to see if anyone had invented it (shoulda done it myself and made a fortune – duh! lol)

TourBox have sent me a testing prototype to work with, but they are not paying me to make this video. If you follow the link to KickStarter and order a Tourbox, I will get a commission to help me keep this channel going. Thanks in advance.

I’ve tried all sorts of stuff in the past, that usually ends up in a drawer, but this is one little friend that I’m pretty sure will always be by my side.

Go to the Kickstarter Page to see the launch offers available right now: – https://bit.ly/TourBoxKickStarter

Review of the Neo TourBox photo and video editing console – a must-have accessory!

In this video, I review of the TourBox Editing Controller, a must have accessory for creatives and digital artists working with Photoshop, LightRoom, inDesign and any other app or program you can think of using on a desktop computer that Neo sent to me to try out.

It will also do the same amazing job with Serif Affinity Photo, Publisher and Designer too.

It’s possibly the best designer’s tool since the Swann Morton 10a scalpel blade!

Save $10 when you use the code RAYNER and buy it from this link: https://bit.ly/3Akx8YI
I get a referral fee that helps me keep my YouTube drawing channel going, but honestly, I love this thing and really do recommend it to speed up your work flow.

The TourBox organises all those keyboard shortcuts into one simple box.

Functions like scroll, increase/decrease brush size and rotate canvas angle are changed with easy to use knobs and scrollers.

The buttons can all be programmed to suit the exact way YOU use a program. There is a four keystroke function that I use in inDesign everyday that used to twist my fingers up, but now it is a simple one button click. With the Enter button next to it, I save so much time with my particular workflow.

I love it and whole heartedly recommend it to anyone using creative programs, or any programs for that matter – you can assign the TourBox to any open app.