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How to draw circles like triangles!

Yes, it’s episode three of my Euclid makes Geometry Fun series continuing on from triangles to show how the angles we learned about las week can turn a possible triangle into a circle! Sounds crazy? Well, watch the video and let Euclid show you how. Let me know what you think of this series – I’m planning on turning it into an ebook and paper book at the end.

How to draw Triangles Real Easy

Get to grips with the basics of triangles with our wonderful Ancient Greek hero, Euclid. There was a man who know a thing or two about geometry! If you missed the first episode, click this link

How to draw an impossible 3d triangle illusion!

There is something about this drawing that your brain just doesn’t want your hand to do. You ave to take your time and force you hand to draw the right lines! Have a go! let me know if you found it hard or easy in the comments 🙂