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How to draw a Viking Rune Alphabet

runes_0001If you saw Monday’s videoHow to draw a Viking Dragon – then you may have wondered about the runic lettering I drew on the dragon. If you would like to do something similar yourself, here is the whole alphabet. It’s not proper Viking runes it’s an alphabet that you can use to make your message look Viking.


How to Draw Fancy Numbers

numbers-SmlHugo4882 asked me how to draw the numerals that I drew on the wall clock drawing on my drawstuffrealeasy channel. Well, I’d been meaning to do that for a while and here was the reason to do it, so here’s how to Draw Roman Numerals.

How to draw Scary Writing

Here is a really easy way to make scary writing. Gently draw the outline of the words that you want to write and then just sort of wiggle around the outside, like you are drawing seaweed, then colour in the middle bit. Afterwards, you can draw in some little wiggly lines to add a bit of scariness. And don’t scare yourself while you are doing it!!