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Video Production Automation

Duh! I do feel stupid sometimes. My Drawing School video production takes me quite a long time. Each time I have to remember to do the same tasks – expanding the size of overlay images – lengthening the time of clips – fitting photos to the frame – making the same settings over and over.

It just crossed my mind that basically, each video I do is much like the last, technically.

“If only I could have a pre-defined video that I could drop new clips into,” I sighed to myself. Then… ding! I set up just such a video, saved it and checked to see if I could duplicate it – I could. Then I checked to see if I could drop new clips in the old clips and replace them – I could!

I now have an automated production system that allows me to worry about the creative bit rather than getting the boring but important bits right every time.

Sometimes solutions are staring you in the face. You just have to realise that you have a problem that needs fixing!