My Viking Storytelling Trip To Shetland

I had a great couple of days in Shetland Just before Christmas. Where’s Shetland? Here’s a google map code:,-6.6414739,6z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x489c14686803c3cf:0xd3639a2515cb557f!8m2!3d60.5296507!4d-1.2659408

I had a wonderful time telling stories in schools and in the museum, mostly about Vikings – they are mad about vikings in Shetland and also space stuff too.

Many thanks to Margie from Shetland Library who looked after me and took me round and to Scottish Book Trust for organising Book Week Scotland – my trip was part of that.

Sit back and enjoy the views!

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VikingShipAre you getting excited by the British Museum Vikings Exhibition? I am! The British museum is one my most favourite places in the world and the new exhibition is going to open the brand new World Conservation and Exhibition Centre.

Having a Norwegian mother, I always thought I would grow up to be a Viking. Unfortunately there are few jobs for Vikings these days, so I became a children’s author and illustrator instead.

Eventually the time came to write my Viking stories. I was inspired the day I went to my Auntie’s Hutte – or little holiday house – on an island not far from Bergen in Norway.The Hutte looks down on a small inlet from the sea.SnekkevikThere was a moment when I put the name and the geography together and realised that Snekkevik (Snake Vik) would have once been a Viking settlement.

The name Viking means “People of the Viks“. This inlet was a Vik and this is where Vikings would have lived. Now you can drive there over bridges and there is gas and electricity too. But I could imagine Viking children playing on the beach, just as my children were doing a thousand years later.

Viking Vik was born in my imagination! A lot of work later and The eight book series became a reality. If you are studying Vikings, you may like to have a bit of Viking related reading. They’re both fun and informative – boys love them 😀

Learn to draw Viking Vik!


How to draw a Viking Dragon with Runes

VikingDragonYesterday I visited Redbrook School, close to where I live in the Forest of Dean. I was telling them tales about Vikings in my Viking Vik series of Books. So I thought I’d continue my Dragon series with a Viking knot type drawing of a dragon with Runes all down the inside.

If you would like to do something similar, I’ll be posting the Runic Alphabet design on Friday so come back then.