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Live Drawing Show

Recorded earlier, join me for a live, recorded drawing show.

I’ll be talking about water brushes, using them and showing you how to look after them and anything else that comes up in the chat.

Join me for an hour or so of chat about drawing and illustrating. Any ideas, put them in the comments box below. See you later!

The Wednesday Drawing Show #3 20 Nov 2019

I have started up the Wednesday Drawing Show again – Live! I have new software that makes it all so much easier and possible. Take a look and let me know what you think.

The show has been through a few iterations over the last 10 years or so. Each time I had to give up for technical reasons or because it took too much time to prepare. Now I seem to have everything in place to try again.

No excuses – get drawing now!

lookinatyouIn this week’s show, there are no excuses to start drawing right away. Shoo shows you that you don’t need expensive drawing materials to get started – he’s even done drawings with a matchstick when there wasn’t anything else to draw with!

YouTuber parsleygremlin asked how to draw eyes from the side, here’s a brief explanation of how to do it. I’ll make a more detailed video on Monday.

Lots in the Mail this week including a special brush that YouTuber, Frank Gatta has made specially for me!matchstickDrawing

After last week’s Show, Josh Bookout got in touch and promised to make a video about drawing celtic knots. He di and here is the link for a fascinating way of designing really complex patterns. Click here to watch and be amazed.

I’m moving the website gallery review to it’s own show on Sunday. It’s too much work to get it all done for Wednesdays and It will give me more time to spend on your drawings. Make sure you have Sundays in your Diary! If you would like the chance to have your artwork chosen to be critiqued on the Wednesday Show, then write “okay to crit on the show” in the comments box when you upload.

ballpointsHave you tried drawing in Ball point pen? They are so cheap that people give them away as advertising gifts. They take a bit of getting used to, but if you change the angle of the pen as you draw, you’ll find you get different effect from the nib. Well, worth experimenting with. Last week, I drew a wolf in Biro which you can see here.

This week’s drawing task is to draw eyes in any style, but draw them on the cheapest paper or even an old cardboard box and use whatever you can find to draw with – even tomato ketchup! Have fun and upload them here.

Last week's Show

Last week’s Show

If you missed last week’s show, never fear, catch it here.

click here to see what else has been going on on TheWednesdayDrawingShow.com

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