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Wednesday Drawing Show live at 2:00pm UK Time

Join us on the Wednesday Drawing Show – where today we have 100% extra Judy!

It’s at 2:00pm UK time which is 9:00am Boston or 18:00 in Abu Dhabi.

Be there or be square – or should that be cubed?

When you learn to draw boxes, you learn the basic concepts of perspective, shade and form. The beauty of boxes is that so much of what is man-made is essentially a box. once you can draw boxes easily and with confidence it is a simple step to “clothe” them with a skin that might be a computer, a smartphone, a cereal packet or a building.

Solving Creative Block & Other Problems? Wednesday Drawing Show

What are your drawing hang-ups? What stops you drawing? What makes you never finish a drawing?

Creative block? Fear of drawing? Perfectionism? Anxiety? Procrastination?

So many questions! We all have hang-ups and worries about drawing and creativity. Watch this week’s Wednesday Drawing Show and maybe we can come up with some ideas to help you break the blockage.

How to commit 30 minutes a day to drawing with ease | What is Aphantasia? | WDS 13Jan21

Do you want to draw more and improve your drawing skills? Do you find it hard to find the time to draw every day? So does Matt Marshall who ask Shoo, in this week’s Wednesday Drawing Show – How do you commit 30 minutes a day to drawing with ease?

Like anything else, not of value comes with ease. you need to put in some effort, or sacrifice to achieve anything.Basically, take a look at your life and ask yourself, do I really need to spend an hour and a half a day checking Facebook or watching cat videos on Youtube? Go on, have a look in your screen time stats – if you dare! You will probably be shocked to find out how much time you waste online every day. But there are other forces at play trying to stop you drawing. Shoo explains and suggests ways to be strong and firm in your commitment.

Ever heard of Aphantasia? It’s the inability to make mental images. Leesa Austin contacted me to say how my videos helped. I’d not heard of Aphantasia before. I wondered wether collage and making sort of idea boards might help as she tries to create imaginary drawings. find out more in this Scientific American article

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