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How to draw a Werewolf

werewolf-SmallOh No! It’s full moon and the werewolves come out tonight! Learn to draw a werewolf – it won’t protect you but you might have a bit of fun. If you are doing the Summer Reading Challenge this will be good to get you in the mood for reading Creepy House stuff!

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How to draw an angry wolf

Still on my quest to empty a biro, I bowed to pressure of requests to draw a Wolf. Normally I’d sketch out in pencil until I was happy I knew what I was going to do, then erase the pencil afterwards, but biro ink is sticky and would probably smudge if I tried to erase over the finished drawing.

So I had to just dive in and see what happened.

There was no reference material for the paws and claws, so I had to make it up from pictures of wolf skeleton paws!

Did I finally empty a biro? You’ll have to watch and see! Now what on Earth am I going to do with an empty biro! There’s another video coming along for that soon!