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Is storytelling the secret to illustration? Meet Renita Boyle Live

The teabag I painted in this session!

On my live drawing show today, I’ll be talking to storyteller extraordinaire, Renita Boyle. We will talk about the role of storytelling in drawing and illustration, we’ll discuss mental health for creatives and we’ll be doing interesting things with Tea bags! (As well as having a cup of tea!)

Making a Mural at Wigtown School

During my time at the Wigtown Book Festival last week, I spent time at the school, drawing some children, who posed for me. I then showed the rest of the children how to draw those drawings.


Then I used those drawings to design a mural to replace one in the playground that has become a bit worn with age. I managed to finish in time but the big, 8′ x 4′ boards were not put up in time before I had to leave for home.

The video shows the process and and how I resurrected my ancient sign writing skills. I actually surprised myself with my ability to still handle a long haired sign writing brush!


Second at the Wigtown’s Got Talent Competition!

I came second at the Wigtown’s Got Talent competition on Saturday! (I hadn’t really intended to – I was merely padding out the bill!) The winners were the wonderful MacFarlane sisters, who were rightly described as Wigtown mermaids with angel’s voices. (That gives me an idea for a book!)

Any way for your amusement, here’s a video of my performance that was taken by Peter Bestel, proud dad of last year’s winner, Zoe Bestel. I made a video of her fabulous, winning song, 35 missed messages, last year which you can see here.