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Fabulous WW1 Drawings in Stroud Library

I was showing how to draw WW1 things this morning. A Soldier, a Biplane and a hero messenger dog. The youngest of these artists was only three! In the first session I had quite young children. I’d planned how to do these drawings – particularly the Biplane, with older children. Seeing how the younger children approached the drawing made it easier for me to adapt and show the second group a different way. Watching how children draw and interpret instructions is fascinating. each time I think, “Ah! that’s interesting – maybe I could do it that way!” It’s a two way learning thing.

Drawing World War One Stuff

Tomorrow I’m visiting Stroud Library, where I will be showing children how to draw World War One Stuff – tanks – planes and soldiers. I’ve set up a playlist on YouTube for WW1 drawing videos as I know it is a subject that is being studied in schools a lot at the moment.

I don’t think the kinds of thing that children would want to draw for a WW1 project are particularly easy but, as with everything, if you break them down into smaller parts, they become a lot easier. Let me know, via the contact link above, if there are particular WW1 things you would like me to help with.

I hope you like the new music at the beginning by my friend Chris Wonfer of cleffernotes – take a look at his YouTube channel