Trying Something New

I’ve just download MacJournal, which is like a blog, but it’s personal on my computer and not for the internet. A diary I suppose. But I can have a journal open that connects to my internet blog at wordpress.

Sometimes I want to write something to get it off my chest, but I don’t want to share it with the world. also I’d like to have a more personal diary that works like a blog.

It appears that I can have it on Mobileme, so that I can use it from anywhere I like. I’ll look into that later – I’ve got a story to write in the meantime and I’m just putting off the inevitable moment. It will be interesting to see how it works… Im on a free trial

Oh… and here’s a drag and drop photo of autumn-ness that I reduced on screen by 25%.img_06824.jpg
I’ll just add a bit more text to see if WordPress wraps the text around the picture, so I know how to format things in future.

Actually I got this bit to work thanks to a posting here at 58twelve