Waving Ginger

Waving Ginger. Going back in time.
waving ginger

This was my first ever animated thing on the internet. It really wowed people at the time! I just found it and thought I’d use it while trying to find out how to use this blog. Actually, back then, he didn’t wave as fast. The processors couldn’t quite cope with the speed!

It makes me realise just how far the web has come since I first started playing around on it. I first showed my flash animations to a European Librarian’s Conference in Athens. There was quite a stir. They’d never thought of the web as a thing that could move, but as a sea of words. Infact some lunatic professor was telling us all to prepare for a voyage when we went searching for information. To have a map, to know where we were going and to know what it was that we were looking for when we found it.

I said “Duh! why not point and click?” she hadn’t thought of that. Mind you there was no Google then. I think I used Alta Vista in those days.

Crikey! Am I really filling up cyberspace with “I remember the good ol’ days” stuff?!

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