About Drawing from Photographs

In this video I discuss photography with my friend Caroline Silverwood Taylor http://silverwoodtaylor.com Caroline is currently writing a Doctoral Theses about photography and liminality – Liminality is all about crossing thresholds – the betwixt and between.

Drawing from photographs can be about making a literal copy or it can be drawing on the essence, the story, the concept, the moment or the idea imbued within the image.

Copying is a great way to learn and understand shape, contrast and space. Drawing on the image and vision of the photograph inspires the artist to create new work from a new understanding.

Mrs Rayner and I sometimes go away with Caroline and her husband, the crime fiction author, Andrew Taylor http://lydmouth.co.uk

Caroline and I often end up having philosophical discussions about photography, drawing and all things visual. We decided to record a conversation in the garden conservatory at Fountains Hall at Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire – where we were staying last week. https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/fountains-abbey-and-studley-royal-water-garden

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