Artemis 1 is on its way to the Moon

This video starts just before launch

We rise together to the Moon and beyond! We are all USA with Nasa!

Earlier today, the SLS – space launch system – the most powerful rocket in the world, took off from Cape Canaveral starting the Artemis 1 mission to test all the equipment on a trip to the Moon and back on December 11th.

It has been so long since Apollo and, for my generation, it has been too long. But it is this mission that has inspired me to begin creating my trilogy – GENERATION MOON – with the ambition of inspiring kids of today who will become the population of the Moon, Mars and beyond.

Somewhere, right now, there is a kid playing soccer in the school playground. In a few months time, they will get hold of a copy of the first book in the trilogy and and idea will form in their head. A small voice inside their head will say “Maybe I could be the first kid on the Moon!”

That gets me excited and makes me want to keep working on my project. However daunting a self-published trilogy might be, it’s nothing compared to the effort of thousands that have brought us to this historic day.