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Fantastic Free Family Online Event – Sat 3rd Oct 10:00am UK Time

Join amazing childrens’ author, Viv French, and wonderful storyteller, Renita Boyle and myself on Saturday when we will be creating a story LIVE! with your help.


It’s not just the audiences who are missing the Wigtown Book Festival this year – the authors are missing the audiences too!

In this fun-filled family hour, three of Wigtown’s most devoted and adored children’s authors take on the 60-minute book challenge. That’s right! Taking up their roles as author (Vivian French), illustrator (Shoo Rayner) and storyteller (Renita Boyle) they battle towards creating, illustrating and telling a story based on Wigtown in just one hour. But they need your help – tune in to help shape the story and make your mark on Big Wig history.

How on Earth are we going to do it when we are in completely different parts of the country? Tune in to find out!

Sponsored by The Old Bank Bookshop

Walker – The boy who can talk to dogs – Big Dog Performance

This is a live session about Walker, the boy who can talk to Dogs, that I made for the Big Dog Children’s Book Festival for Dumfries in Scotland, organised by the Wigtown Book Festival.

Go to to buy copies with signed with free poster

Sadly, due to the corona virus lockdown, the Big Dog Children’s festival is unable to go ahead as planned,but the organisers have put together a fantastic online alternative programme. @wigtownbookfest

Lockdown Quarantine Storytime

I wondered what I could do to help all those who are stuck inside during the Corona Virus Quarantine Lockdown Periods and decide that I should tell stories as if I was on a school visit. Read the story, talk about it and comment on it and draw characters from the story too.

And I thought I would do it live!

Learn to draw Galactic Dodecathelon Champion Spike Trackaway by following Shoo’s how to draw section in the video.

As the video stream is “Made for Kids” there can be no comments or chat during the show, because of recent safeguarding changes at YouTube.

However, I will however be taking comments and suggestions on my twitter stream at @shoorayner. If you want to share drawings that are related to my books and stories, then please use the hashtag #shoobeedoodle.

I am going to try and do this every week day during the current, growing crisis as a sort of distance learning option for schools that have closed or may have too soon.

Feel free to set classwork around the stories, to embed the video on your own website and share your work through your school or class twitter account.

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