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Leaving Facebook – Breaking up is hard to do!

Breaking up is hard to do!

It feel like ages since I left Facebook. I wrote about it here.

But the truth is I haven’t left yet. Facebook won’t let you go that easy.

I have to keep waiting until the 17th of November before they finally pull the plug.

They leave you hanging on, just so you are absolutely sure you want to leave.

They got me the last time I tried. There was something that happened that made me just login and see what was happening and, in so doing, I reactivated my almost deleted account.

I’ve had a couple of fleeting moments when I’ve thought about instagram and wether I really should be on it for commercial purposes but, thankfully, the moments pass.

Not long to go now.

Stay firm and steady!

How the Whale Got His Throat – New Read Aloud Story

Here’s a new follow along story in my Rudyard Kipling Just So retellings. Number five of eight. There’s more to come!

When the Whale has eaten up every fish he can find, he meets the “Stute fish. Can the little fish escape the big Whale? And what happens when the Whale finds out that Man tastes nice?

A fresh, new retelling of the classic Just So Story by Rudyard Kipling, who also wrote the Jungle Book over a hundred years ago.

How the Whale Got His Throat has been re-written and illustrated to bring it up to date with more modern ideas, language and idioms while keeping all the essential fun, language and playfulness of the original.

You can get the paperback or ebook from amazon with these links: In the UK In the USA In Canada

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A Fresh Re-telling of Rudyard Kipling Just So Stories

The Just So Stories were written a long time ago. Times, attitudes and the use of language were very different.

I loved these stories as a child, but when I came to read them to my children, I saw there were problems. Eventually, I decided to do something about it and re-write the stories for today. In fact, all I had to do was chip away the old facade and there, underneath were the stories, as fresh as the day they were written, freed from the past.

Rudyard Kipling was both sensitive and a consummate professional. I’m sure, were he here today, he would have re-written them himself. Indeed, all through the process, I felt him leaning over my shoulder, smiling and winking and nodding his head as I made changes. If I didn’t feel it was okay, I didn’t make the change.

You can get the books and ebooks from amazon links below and watch me read the stories on YouTube from the playlist link below.

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