Drawing Box-Shaped Things – Boxes part 3

So what can we draw with boxes?

Boxes are one of the easiest shapes for manufacturing, so you should begin to see boxes every where you look.

You’ll find a box shape in – well, boxes! Your mobile cell phone is just a very thin box. Office buildings, printers radios, TVs… so many things are boxes or boxes with other boxes stuck on to them!

To draw box-shaped things, draw a box that is a similar shape to the object you want to draw.

Then really look at the object. Are some bits cut out of the box? Are some bits added? When you draw the object, you are sort of “Draping” an image of the object on top of the box.

With practice you will be able to do this in your head – but it does take practice. That means doing a little bit every day. This is how you train your brain to really see and understand.

Task: Look around you. Look for things that are made of box shapes. Draw the box shape lightly in pencil, then convert the simple box into the object you want to draw.

Sounds easy? If you really use your eyes and look at the object you are drawing, you will learn to “Drape” that image over the simple box that is like a shell or a foundation for your drawing.

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