Frogspawn Miracle in my Pond

I was so worried that all my frogs would have died but no! This morning I was greeted by a blob of fresh frogspawn so at least one frog made it through the cold snap.

I’ve since learned that it’s not just the cold that gets them, but the lack of oxygen as the water can’t mix with the air and plants aren’t photosynthesising. also dead leaves rotting on the bottom use up oxygen too.

4 thoughts on “Frogspawn Miracle in my Pond

  1. N

    I found your sad story of the frozen frogs absolutely charming. Having experienced the loss of pond frogs to birds, I felt your disappointment. Thanks for sharing the hope of the spawn under the chicken wire. I hope to see pictures of the wee tadpoles/frogs in the coming weeks. :O)

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