How to Draw Crabs and Sci-Fi Monsters!

Australian Artist, Bill Flowers has been down to the beach for the Wednesday Drawing Show this week. He’s been looking at crabs and showing us how to draw them. They are quite amazing creatures. Go and subscribe to Bill’s channel on YouTube, where he has a new wildlife drawing Video every Friday. This is hiis cartoon crab drawing and this is his more advanced Crab drawing.

I was inspired to turn my crab drawing into Robo Crab! I made Robo Crab’s shell out of metal plates and gave him replaceable titanium jaws on his pincers!

I also thought that crab body parts could make up a lettering design too.

So, lots of ideas, and this week’s drawing task is to draw a crab or something similar that inspires you and turn it into a Sci-Fi monster machine. Upload your drawings here I’ll show the Uploads on the Sunday Gallery Review Show here

Enjoy and see you next week!