How to think like an artist

It was Independence Day last week.

It got me thinking that Independence Day isn’t just for the USA or other countries either… it could be your independence day too!

Today could be the day when you say goodbye to all the rubbish that is holding you back as an artist. The day you say goodbye to bad habits, the day you say goodbye to the person other people think you are, the day you stand up and say I’m going to be me and do things my way. The day you start becoming the person you want to be.

Just like a war of independence, it is a hard, dangerous and difficult thing to do. But remember, the battle is not with anyone else, the battle is entirely with you and the person you are today. Only you can become the person you want to be.

Don’t waste energy destroying things and relationships, just quietly move forward. Put those people and ideas behind you. Grow into the new person you want to be and the place you want to be in.

Good luck and Happy Independence Day!

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