I guess I love cats!

I was asked to supply a photo for the Wychwood Festival in Cheltenham, that I’m going to be at this year. I typed my name into the Computer search box to find something and these two pictures appeared next to each other (pause as cat enters studio looking for some attention!)
The first is me aged about 6 with a stray cat I found and we adopted called Eeek! and the second is my beautiful Marmadukewho died six years ago ( pause while his sister jumps onto my lap – how did she know what I was writing about?) It was one of my first blog entries and you can see how devastated I was.

The picture of Marmaduke must be around 1999.

Have I mentioned that the Ginger Ninja is now available on iPad? Marmaduke wasn’t the inspiration, but he definitely posed for me once or twice! The camera pose hasn’t changed in a very long time.

Ginger ninja iPad uk store
us store