It’s a Snow Day!

We make a bit of fuss about snow here in Britain, because we don’t always get it and if we do it can be quite local. Because of that we don’t have the infrastructure to deal with it, so roads get blocked foolhardy types think they can beat nature and drive off into blizzards with low fuel, no food or blankets to keep them warm, then they complain that the emergency services aren’t doing enough to help them

This snow has been different. usually it drops gently from the sky and covers everything. This time we have had a warm wet, storm coming up from Portugal meeting a biting wind from Siberia – that we have nicknamed the Beast from the East. This has resulted in the snow being blown about, allowing drifts to build up. the deepest we have is about 70cm. But Mrs rayner helped me dig my way to the studio this morning – I don’t think she wants me hanging around the house, getting under her feet!

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