My EUGDPR Statement

If you would like to read my complete EUGDPR Statement, then please click here.

This is a statement I have to make as I’m a small business and I hold all sorts of data about people – or data subjects – mostly because they email me or have signed up to mailing lists or Patreon. I’m just covering my self on social media sites and YouTube too, although I don’t think they really count.

This post is really for those of you who receive email updates of my website. I’m told there are 3332 of you! Your information is held under compliant rules by Jetpack Atomattic see their policy here.  You should be able to unsubscribe at any time. I will find out when I set this post live. (Edit) yes you can – just received my first update email!

Anyway, this is the sort of stuff that ardent Brexiteers are desperate to leave behind, but you can’t escape it if you still want to trade with the Eu – even if you have left the EU – Catch22!

Do click the link and… Enjoy!

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