On tour- Brussels – London – Suffolk

I even designed the cover of the brochure and posters!

What does an author do all day? Last week I went to the British School in Brussels then back to London for a day seminar near Euston, then off to Suffolk for the Lavenham Children’s Literary Festival then on to Ely near Cambridge to have a meeting with a potential new publisher.

I was so pleased to get back home and to crash out in my own bed and sleep without having to get up to get anywhere – luxury!


2 thoughts on “On tour- Brussels – London – Suffolk

  1. Joanne

    Shoo, I had to post a comment on your website as your visit to BSB has had a huge impact on my two boys! They haven’t stopped drawing since! We have just returned from a holiday to Rome and both boys took their drawing books with them and insisted on regular drawing stops! I treated them both to a black outlining pen which they refer to as their Shoo pen!
    Thanks so much for such a fun and inspirational visit! My niece is a year 6 teacher in the UK so I’ve told her she must reach out to you to see if you can come to her school so her kids can experience the Shoo magic!
    Thanks again

  2. Shoo Rayner Post author

    Aww Joanne! Thank you so much for this. What a fantastic result, tell the boys I’m very proud of them and to keep on going and practice, practice, practice every day. I had a lovely time in Brussels and I’m so glad I made some sort of an impression! all the best

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