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Nearly Finished Artwork for Walker- The boy who can talk to dogs

In this video I do a lot of drawing and painting and talking about artwork and making children’s books as I create the final artwork for the image I prepared as a rough in the previous video 

My Editor, Janet, loved the sketches I sent her and now it is a race against time to finish the artwork for the print deadline. I need to paint at least eight images a day, preferably more. It doesn’t help that Mrs Rayner is going away for a week and I have to spend a day in London and we have builders in, who I have to lease with, and cook supper for my aged Mother and go shopping for her and me and my son… but I will get there in time, even if I have to work late in the evenings. It’s part of the “Glamour” of being an illustrator.

Actually, that sounds like the title of a video blog!

It is all painted greyscale as It is going to be a back and white book.The colour I use is:
Neutral Tint Half Pan Watercolour Paint
http://amzn.to/2ymFRJI in the UK
http://amzn.to/2Cbk5f5 in the USA
http://amzn.to/2E5E3t4 in Canada

Scaredy Cats off to a great start


I am so grateful to my Kickstarter supporters for getting the Scaredy Cats book project off the ground with a huge vote of confidence.

I’ve a few more illustrations to go and will make a video about making them.

If you would like to have a simple signed copy or or one of the other great rewards in this campaign check out the Kickstarter page for more details.



My Scaredy Cats Kickstarter Project is relaunched

Scardey-Cats-VimeoLike Professor Frankatstein, I’ve finally relaunched and brought back to life my Scaredy Cats Kickstarter Campaign. Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/Scaredy-Cats

You will see that the cat on the cover design has changed from the previous version. This was the main thing that worried me before. I think this hand-drawn version is much better for the book and goes better with the Illustrations inside.

I learned such a lot from the campaign that I cancelled in May. Mainly that old-world publishing does not fit well with Kickstarter. I was asking for an element of an advance – as I would expect from a traditional publisher – to pay for my time while making the book.

I realise now that the “risk” should be much more on my shoulders. So I’ve been working away at the book ever since, and it is almost ready to go to the printers.

Meanwhile, I found yet another story that didn’t make it into a book – Hide and Seek – that was hidden away on my hard drive. I’m giving it away as soon as anyone chooses to make a pledge for the campaign.

I hope you will find the new, streamlined rewards that I have devised quite irresistible! They will make a wonderful and individual gift for someone’s Christmas, Birthday or Holiday Celebration.

I look forward to sending you your books and goodies soon.