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Creating New Worlds

Shoowaii-logoSome of you may be aware of my unfolding Shoowaii project. I imagine, if you’ve been following the videos, that its all a bit confusing. But not for me!

Shoowaii is an environment that has it’s own internal logic, where I can play with ideas and stories to my heart’s content, all within a recognisable style.

With my latest video, I feel the alternative universe, and the world of Shoowaii within it, is all set up to my satisfaction and I’m ready to play. I know how it works. Others are free to speculate about any apparent gaps in logic. I’m happy that I know how it all fits together for my purposes. Also, I’m aware that Shoowaii will evolve, as will its laws and logic.

In my latest video, I’ am planting seeds -ideas and basic characters – who will begin to populate the stories and ideas to come.

Why am I doing this? It might just be megalomania, hubris or just plain vanity!

Over the last few years, I’ve been encouraged to write and draw for an older age range. Yet, when I visit schools, I find I’m so much happier working in the younger classes – reception to year 4 – that’s probably K-K4 in the US.

In the current climate, it would take me years to get a younger book published. Years to convince a publisher to let me do something different and then years to go through their publishing schedule.

By the time it comes to create artwork for a book these days it’s often many years since the original idea was proposed. It’s hard to keep the enthusiasm and original vision going that long.

So Shoowaii is there to play with, to allow ideas and characters develop in real time and to bring an audience along with it. I hope you will enjoy the ride.