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How to draw from Photographs

Some people find it hard to sketch in public, so why not get some practice in drawing people out of catalogues and magazines? The models are great – they don’t move! do one everyday and you will soon feel that maybe you do it from real life in a cafe or on the street.

You can see the other drawings I did from this catalogue on my Patreon page here:

Remember that you are not drawing a photograph. That’s what cameras are for. You are drawing a sketch. Your drawing does not have to be a portrait nor does it even have to look the same or use the same colours. It’s your sketch interpretation.

If you make a mistake, that’s great – we learn from mistakes. see if you can finish the drawing then have another go and see if you can get it right, Don’t abandon the drawing if you make a mistake – that can turn into a habit and you’ll never finish anything. Often you can save a drawing or painting by just keeping on going!

What’s it like to be an author?


I visited St Paul’s Primary School in Gloucester recently, and some of the children still had questions to ask when our time was up. I Asked their teacher Mrs Bevan, to send me an email with the questions I hadn’t answered and promised to make a video for her and her class 5.

Having made the video, I though I might share it with my subscribers and viewers too!

I mention that Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak, is my favourite book. I made a video explaining why here: https://youtu.be/sH4sYranmbg

How to draw a 3d landscape from a 2d plan


Carol Deml asked me how to draw a 3d landscape from a 2 d garden plan. So many people have asked me about landscapes in the backgrounds of drawing that I thought it was about time a made a video about it.

I am very spatially aware, so most of this comes to me without thinking. I can look at a floor plan and do a sketch for you, but not everyone can.

The way to do it is by making a floor plan and then transposing it to a 3d perspective plan and work it out from there.

If you are still confused, you need to watch my free everyone can draw course here 

I appreciate this might be a bit confusing, so let me know if and where you are having trouble and I’ll see if I can improve or refine the idea for you.

You can download a Hi res scan pdf of the images on my pattern page