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Lunar Eclipse and thoughts in a 1000 year old Cathedral

In this video, I’m thinking about the Lunar Eclipse that covered North America on Monday 8th April 2024 and how that relates to the book I’m writing at the moment and children’s literature generally.

And I wrote a poem! First for years… why? what’s it about? you’ll have to watch to find out.

Babies, Kid’s Book Inspiration and Abba!

We took last week off for visiting, mostly to see my new granddaughter, who has got me thinking about how kids not only read books but inspire them with the things they do.

That seems to link with the book I’m listening to at the moment – Wise Animals: How Technology Has Made Us What We Are by Tom Chatfield

We also went to the Abba Voyage “Hologram” show in London, which was spectacular, but I was a bit distracted, trying to work out how they did it! – Let me explain how I think it works!

What does a children’s author do all day long?

When I ask school children what they think I do all day, they generally suggest that I write! That seems logical.

In fact, writing is almost the last thing I do. Mostly It’s YouTube or promotion of some kind. A lot of drawing and a lot of thinking.

But I am writing at the moment, and that presents a problem. What do I for an idea for a YouTube Video this week. I have to keep up the production. Apparently I’m an OG YouTuber – Original Gangster! – as I’ve been posting on YouTube almost every week for fifteen years!

But every week I have a moment when I think, “what am I going to do on YouTube?”

This week, I’m writing, so leave me alone! My mind is elsewhere – deep in a fantasy world, dreaming up plots and characters.

I have discovered a new thing on YouTube – YouTube Podcasts. I don’t have to do anything but talk! That’s great, while I’m writing, I’m thinking. Not everything I think about is about the story. But it’s stuff I can talk about!