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New Mudpuddle Farm books by Michel Morpurgo have arrived

Yay! My copies of the new Mudpuddle Farm books by Michael Morpurgo have arrived. They look just fab!

See Haw Hooray is a pair of new stories in which there are major changes at Mudpuddle Farm. I can’t tell you more – you’ll have to read it!

the six other titles in the series have been brought out again in new editions with two stories to each book.

It is so great to be working with Michael again.  These books first came out a long time ago, but Mudpuddle farm, with Farmer Raffery and all his animals, has a timeless quality to it.

I hope we will do many more together.

Share your drawings

warmington-school-shoo-raynerWarmington School came to my session at the Oundle KidLit Festival on Monday. The children presented me with a book of their drawings, inspired by my videos. I was thrilled!

I’m always thrilled to see what people do with my drawing videos. I get messages from all around the world to say they are used in classrooms classrooms from elementary schools to Universities! It’s very gratifying to know.

Many people ask how they can share their drawings. There are so many ways these days. Often I’m sent of to websites and have to hunt artwork down. Frankly, I don’t have the time. So I’ve set up a G+ community where you can share your drawings, and where I will see them.

I chose G+ because it is intimately linked to youtube and that is where the videos are.

I’ll look forward to seeing your drawings, inspired by my videos, and hearing your stories too.

Above is a video which explains a bit more.