New Mudpuddle Farm books by Michel Morpurgo have arrived

Yay! My copies of the new Mudpuddle Farm books by Michael Morpurgo have arrived. They look just fab!

See Haw Hooray is a pair of new stories in which there are major changes at Mudpuddle Farm. I can’t tell you more – you’ll have to read it!

the six other titles in the series have been brought out again in new editions with two stories to each book.

It is so great to be working with Michael again.  These books first came out a long time ago, but Mudpuddle farm, with Farmer Raffery and all his animals, has a timeless quality to it.

I hope we will do many more together.

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2 thoughts on “New Mudpuddle Farm books by Michel Morpurgo have arrived

  1. Lyn

    Hi Shoo
    Since discovering your amazing work, earlier this week, I am avidly devouring all you have said and taught !
    Somehow, after all these years , you have been instrumental in igniting the creative art spark in me . I am attempting at least one pen and watercolor artwork each day …so far, all looking decidedly kindergartenly, but I am determined to continue ….cos it’s fun !

  2. Shoo Rayner Post author

    Hi Lyn,

    that’s great. Keep it up. we all start off kindergartenish as that’ where we mostly left off! all the best

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