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Draw lots of Easter Stuff!

Feel like drawing something Eastery? Wondering what to draw? well, why not start by learning how to draw an Easter Egg

or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, Try a basket of eggs.

Or maybe a cute fluffy Easter Chick?

or something springy like a vase of Tulips

If that’s not enough for you, check out my Easter Drawings Playlist of Videos for lots, lots more.

How to paint a swan in watercolour

Swan pdf_Page_1This is a shortened version of a forty minute painting video which you can see on my Patreon page when you are a $5 month patron. You can see the DrawStuffRealEasy how to draw video here and you can download the step-by-step how to draw a swan guide and other guides for only $1 a month

A watercolour set for beginners

CotmanSketchersSetSmall-300x177I’ve been asked many times to recommend a watercolour set for beginners. That’s difficult to do as my viewers are all over the world and the re are so many sets to choose from.

I use Winsor and Newton Artists Quality watercolours. This set is a grade below and quite a lot cheaper. It is a small set, so you can get used to the paints and the way they work and also get used to the idea of mixing.

Also, being a small set, it is great to slip into a pocket and take with you sketching.

I shall be using this set in my videos in the near future so if you want to follow along, I’m putting Amazon links below to the set and the Derwent watwer brushes too.