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How to Draw & Paint a Highland Cow in watercolour – Animal ABC

This is episode 3 of my animal ABC series. in this video I show you how to draw and paint a Highland Cow or “Heelan Coo” in traditional pen ink and watercolour illustration technique.

These are designs for mugs and teeshirts which you can get here: https://bit.ly/HeelanCooMug and here: https://bit.ly/HeelanCooTShirt

See all the Animal ABC videos on this playlist: https://youtu.be/HINDAQNOg_g

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How to Draw a Cartoon Badger – Animal ABC

This is B for badger in a series of videos for an animal ABC.

I went on Vacation to Rome recently and saw a Juventus Shirt in a sport shop window and thought, that is just what a badger should wear! I assumed that a million artists would have had the same idea, but no!

So that’s what I decided to do for this week’s Animal ABC.

Get the mug or Tee shirt form this link: https://bit.ly/SoccerBadger You can buy the original artwork here: https://www.shoorayner.com/store/Football-Badger-p459670693

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How to Sketch a Person Sitting at a Table – full watercolour tutorial

In this video I show you how to sketch a person sitting at a garden table using ink and watercolour. I

nspired by this week’s DrawStuffRealEasy videos of a folding chair and cafe table

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