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46 Scary drawing ideas for halloween!

October 1, 2014Be first to comment!

THE-PUMPKIN-MAN-F-COVYes! 46 drawing ideas for halloween! everything from scary eyeballs to tombstones to frankenstein’s monster!

Here are all the direct links!

Frankenstein Scar
Scary Hand
Tomb Stone
Eye Ball
Wolf in Biro
Skeletons with an empty biro
Creepy Castle
Frankenstein’s Monster
Devil Balloon
Spider Web
WereWolf 1
Scary Eyeball
Scary Lettering 1
Mummy Mask
Scary Writing 2
Candy Apple
Pumpkin Painting
Haunted House
Write in Blood!
Skeleton Tree
Magic Mushrooms
Cartoon Werewolf
Skeleton Hand
Vampire Bat
Pumpkin Head
Scary Skull
Draw the Pumpkin Man
Paint the Pumpkin Man
Werewolf 2
Witch on Broomstick
Witches Hat
Scary Writing 3
Flying Bat
Witches Broom
Angel of Death
The Grim Reaper
Halloween Lanterns
Dancing Skeleton
Happy Halloween

How to draw the Statue of Liberty Real Easy

September 24, 2014Be first to comment!

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now. I was first asked to draw this by the reception or year one class at the British School in Brussels. Sadly I forgot to take pictures of their work, but they were truly wonderful!

A visit to St Andrew’s Primary School Newport

September 23, 2014Be first to comment!

pizza-horroI had a great day at St Andrew’s Primary School in Newport yesterday, where I told stories, answered lots of questions and got lost on the way to Morrisons – only a hundred yards away!

I showed Key Stage 1 how to draw whales and years three and four how to draw the Pizza Man from my Little Horrors’ story – The Swamp Man. The drawing shown here is the scariest Pizza/Swamp Man drawing anyone has ever drawn in one of my school sessions. It just has that element of scariness about it!

St Andrew’s has been a split Juniors and Infants for a hundred years, but this term the two schools have combined to become a Primary School. If there was a lot of paddling going on under the water as the new systems are worked out and put into place, it wasn’t noticeable and everything worked smoothly and serenely – like the proverbial swan.

There are around five hundred children in the school at the moment but, with the building of a new housing estate on the old steel works, they are planning to increase to 750 children very soon! Good luck with that and thanks for a great day.

A special thanks to years 5 and 6 who valiantly put up with my manic Dylan Thomas impersonation while I told them about my book Dragon Gold, reading from the section where Mr Davies the school teacher in the story, tells his class how the Red Dragon of Wales came to be – a story from the Mabinogion that Mr Davies is very fond of!

Everyone Really Can Draw

September 19, 2014Be first to comment!

EveryOneCanDrawCoverSmallshopYes, I really do believe everyone can draw… so much so I wrote the book!

Drawing is much like writing.

Imagine if you had spent as much learning to draw simple shapes as you did learning to draw your letters. Then imagine drawing every day of your school life, the same amount of time you spent learning to make words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, essays and books out of those simple letter shapes.

Drawing just needs a bit of simple instruction and practice. Everyone who can write or make a mark with a pencil can draw!

Everyone Can Draw makes drawing easy and not scary. Follow the simple progression, page by page, from dots to lines to triangles to squares and circles and you will soon be drawing things you never thought you could.

Then keep coming back to my Youtube channels to learn more!

Everyone Can Draw is now available from the Amazon Kindle Store UK and Amazon US or as a pdf download from this website as a signed book from this website or a book version on Amazon in the UK and Amazon US and all other good bookshops.

Frankatstein – A Scaredy Cats Story

September 12, 20142 Comments

ratsmallAs the full moon calls, each cat slinks through the shadows to where the storyteller waits. Will you stay in your warm, cosy bed? Or dare you go and join the Scaredy Cats?

Click the video and watch the tale of Frankatstein, the mad professor who dices with death, and the cats who get caught up in his chilling experiments.

Find out more and buy signed copies of the book.

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