My Youtube Channel is Changing – New Look – New Style

This video is for all of those who followed my youtube channels over the years – first of all thank you.

When I started YouTube I had a very different idea from how it turned out – in short I’ve been side-tracked a very nearly 10 years!

It has been an amazing journey but YouTube is not working for me anymore. I have learned so much about drawing by explaining and showing how to do stuff, but I feel that my work is done.

When I started out, hardly anyone was doing drawing videos, now there are thousands, many of whom are far better than me at drawing, painting and teaching. It’s time to do what I’m best at.

The wonder of YouTube is such that all the videos I’ve made will still be there, maybe forever, and that younger, more enthusiastic version of me, will still be there today, doing what I did then.  So what am I going to do?

Well, I’m not giving up on YouTube but the shooraynerdrawing channel will be changing.

I’m not going to be doing any more on the drawstuffrealeasy Channel either I just can’t afford the time of any longer.

The shooraynerdrawing channel now be all about stories, illustration and vlogging about my life as a children’s author.

It’s going to be the channel it would’ve been if I’d known 10 years ago what I know now.
I hope you stick with me and subscribe on YouTube if you haven’t already.

The next few weeks will be a bit messy as I close down a couple of other channels and move some legacy material to this channel, but I will soon be up and running with new material.
Many thanks for all your support in the past and I look forward to entertaining you for a long while to come

Fledgling Robin

I’ve had a pair of Robins coming to the feeder on my studio window all spring – since Christmas actually – the feeder was a present from my daughter. I’ve noticed the fledglings in the last week and this morning one of them cam to the feeder and waited for me to get my phone out and take a picture!

Fledgling Robin

Fledgling Robin

How to draw an Ancient Greek Helmet

Learn how to draw An Ancient Greek Helmet Real Easy. This comes from my book, How to Draw Ancient Greek Stuff Real Easy which is due out on the 17th of May. You can pre order now on Amazon and all good book stores and get signed copies with a free poster from my online store.

Here is the step by step guide from the book for those who follow me on Patreon.

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