An amazing Drawing Machine!

I saw this amazing machine at an auction yesterday. It had a drawing table attached to the top of a pendulum and a pen attached to the top of an other pendulum. when they were set swinging, the pen would draw indicate patterns similar to the old spirograph toy.

The pendulums could be raise and lowered to alter the period of swing and both pendular were independent and could be swung in any direction or in circular motions. Great fun and I thought you would like to see it.

Here are a couple of other pendulum drawing videos if you are excited by this.

Lissajous pendulum graphing swing 

Painting pendulum 

Mrs Bee’s Year Fives draw amazing Spitfires

Mrs Bee tweeted photos of her year fives drawing Spitfires from my drawing videos on YouTube, and what wonderful drawings they are! Well done Year Five.

I’ve walked into classrooms and been met by a similar scene before: children watching my videos and drawing from them, the classroom a babel cacophony of my voice coming out of twenty or thirty tablets or laptops!

It’s is exactly what I hoped for my videos. So glad to see them being used this way!

Here is the video if you want to join in.

Learn to draw Cat and Dog – Big Cat Series

I am so thrilled to finally have copies of How to Draw Cat and Dog.

I’ve been using the Cat and Dog books in reception and nurseries for some time and I’m always amazed – sometimes almost moved to tears – by the quality of the drawing the very young children draw along with me.

I’ve wanted to make this book for a while and finally convinced Big Cat to let me do it. It’s also a phonics book, which made it hard choosing the right words to describe key words for explaining drawing, that I couldn’t use because of the language levels. For circles – I used rings.

I am so proud of how it came out. Many thanks to my editor, Catherine Coe, for helping to squeeze it all into the phonics box.

Cat and Dog teach you how to draw cat and dog in a story – yes, there is a story too! Learn also how to draw a tree so Cat has somewhere to hide when Dog starts chasing. With all that drawing, you have everything you need to write and illustrate a simple story – even key words.

What more could anyone want in a Reception/Kindergarten/Early years Foundation class?