Make your Own Nativity Scene this Christmas

Why not make your own Christmas Nativity scene this christmas? You can watch all the videos in this playlist and make your own or just download the pdf and het going right away!

Download and printout your own Navity now!

With both black and white drawings for you to colour-in and the full colour versions that are ready to cut out and make, that’s a bit of a Christmas bargain!

If you are following the stable-making videos the two Pdfs below are free and will make things much easier for you!

Click to download the Free character stands sheet

Click to download the Free character stands sheet

Click to download the Free basic Stable Plan

Click to download the Free basic Stable Plan

New look website

I’ve been doing some work to the look of my website. Over the years it had picked up a lot of bad habits and was running very slowly. I hope I’ve speeded it up a bit!

Denbighshire Libraries Book Week

The Shoo Rayner Book Shrine in Rhyl Library!

The Shoo Rayner Book Shrine in Rhyl Library!

I had a wonderful time in Denbighshire last week, meeting old friends in the Libraries.

I was reading my new book, Dragon Gold, to schools that came to see me in Denbigh, Ruthin and Rhyl Libraries. My trip also gave me the opportunity to pop into Ysgol Bro Cinmeirch, a Welsh Language medium school where I am their English Patron of Reading.

I really got to grips with presenting Dragon Gold this time. I’ve never written about magic before and was unaware of it’s power in storytelling. The children’s mouths were all open as I described the moment that Harri’s Dragon egg is made!

Thanks to everyone who came and made it such fun. I had time to do some drawing with some of the schools and they all did amazing dragon drawings, as you can see!

Shoowaii – A whole new Universe

String-First-BlogFor a long time now I’ve been thinking about building my own little Universe.

I know that sounds a bit weird, but whenever I write a new book series, that is pretty much what I do anyway. It’s pretty much what every author does when they create a world in a book and populate it with characters from inside their heads.

I’ve long been interested in particle physics, finding myself more and more attracted to String Theory in recent years. String Theory appeals to me on both a practical and spiritual basis – it makes sense of “Vibes and Auras”.

I’ve been planning my little Universe for a while, making connections, adding ideas, until it now seems time to get started. Shoowaii will evolve. I’ve already learned that the rules I’ve set down can be interpreted in many different ways, creating new and unintended permutations… and consequences.

I have set up a website and a new Youtube Channel why not go there an become one of the first ever subscribers?

I’m thrilled that the composer, Chris Wonfor, has agreed to write the music – for this is not a book or a movie – it’s more an experiment, mixing new and old media together, with all my online experience thrown in.

Shoowaii is mirror to our world which I will reveal over time, mostly on YouTube.

I hope you will enjoy and follow its creation.

Draw the Planet Saturn Real Easy

Draw-SaturnWatch the video and learn how to draw the planet Saturn Real Easy.