The Biggest Book Show on Earth! – Rhyl

Me, Jonny Duddle, Jon Mayhew,, Heather Dyer and  Steven Butler as the Ringmaster!

Me, Jonny Duddle, Jon Mayhew,, Heather Dyer and Steven Butler as the Ringmaster! click to very good site make bigger

Last week I went up to Rhyl, on the North Wales coast, to take part in the The Biggest Book Show on Earth

There were five of us authors taking the stage for a quarter of an hour each, on the theme of Why I Can’t Live Without Books.  Jonny Duddle, Jon Mayhew,, Heather Dyer were all on stage before me, rounded up and introduced by Steven Butler as the Ringmaster. In his fabulous top hat and bright red coat, I was worried he was going to start cracking the whip and make us do tricks!

One thousand children! That’s a big and quite scary audience. Luckily the lights were so bright that I couldn’t really see, otherwise I might have got a little nervous.

I’d figured the others would talk about all sorts of look there different books that they couldn’t live without, so I chose a different kind of book that I couldn’t live without – sketchbooks.

I brought along some sketchbooks to show how ideas progress and how I often work while I’m watching the TV in the evenings. The Welsh Books Council, who were supporting the show with World Book Day, had bought a visualiser especially, as they would be needing one this week too and cheap cialis with fast delivery it was cheaper than hiring one twice. It was brand new. It worked perfectly before the show…

I came on stage, switched the switch, the screen lit up, but would it focus?

Never work with kids or technology! I learned that back in that 90’s and have only ever used a flip chart since. If it can go wrong it will!

Anyway, it gave me more time to read a little from Dragon Gold, which turned out fine because the bookshop ran out out of copies!

Thanks to Angharad, Medi, Kirsten and everyone who worked so hard to make the day a great success

If you’d like a signed copy of Dragon Gold, you can get one here – with a free poster too!

Competition results

You may have missed my 100,000 subscriber competition on Youtube. Never mind here are the results. Amazingly there were over 15,000 votes for the final 7!

100,000 YouTube Subscribers on the ShooRaynerDrawing Channel!

Last night the ShooRaynerDrawing Channel on YouTube, achieved a new and amazing goal, when the counter clicked over the 100,000 Subscribers mark.

I’d like to thanks all my subscribers and everyone who has helped me along the way so far. It has been an extraordinary journey. I have to admit that it has required, a sometimes crazy, level of commitment. I think my family have sometimes wondered why I put quite so much work into the channel.

My very first video took over a year to gain a thousand views, until I realised that one video on its own was not going to change the world, especially as it was technically inept and the lighting rig up collapsed half way through!

NextUpIn 2011, the channel won the prestigious YouTube NextUp Europe competition giving me an incredible week at YouTube headquarters in London, being mentored, with 25 others from around Europe. Some have gone on to major success. The wonderfully affable Marcus Butler now has 3.5 million subscribers!

I learned so many skills that week – almost too many – I wanted to try out everything. I was bit like a kid in a sweet shop.

I started other channels – DrawStuffRealEasy now has over 56,000 subscribers in its own right! – some had nothing to do with drawing at all, but I learned a lot about editing through them.

I’m now committed to the ShooRaynerDrawing channel, showing that drawing is for everyone and is no more difficult than writing your own name.

In 2012 I was awarded the Hewlett-Packard Smart Business prize for Use of Social Media for all the work I had done building up the try it site. Approaching my 100,000th subscriber has made me refocus. ShooRayner_HP_SmartSmall

I am building a proper drawing course on the site and a homeschool high school half credit version of the course on

I’m also preparing to start a club/school/academy – I can’t decide what to call it – which I see as being almost an online Art School for drawing and the illustrative arts, for those who didn’t or can’t get to University, but would like to build the skills they might feel they missed out on.

A lot of work to do! So, I shall enjoy the glow for a moment today, before getting on with the next phase of the ShooRaynerDrawing Channel,

Again many thanks to everyone who has ever watched a video and subscribed to canada generic viagra the channel.

100,000 YouTube Subscriber Competition!

Subscriber-Competetion-1I can’t tell you how excited I am getting. I keep checking my YouTube statistics about every three minutes. They are going to have to take me away in a little yellow van quite soon!

As I write, I am very close to gaining my 100,000th subscriber on the ShooRaynerDrawing channel. And that all comes down to you, following and watching my videos.

So… first of all, I’d like to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who has followed me over the years. It has been quite an experience for me!

I thought I should mark the occasion in some way – maybe the just try! 100,000th subscriber could win a prize! But, that’s a bit unfair because I can’t really tell who the 100,000th subscriber is, and also, my faithful followers wouldn’t get a chance of winning.

Some people have suggested that I should do a special drawing, but somehow that just doesn’t seem enough.

And then suddenly I realised, it’s not about me it’s about YOU.

I want to see how and it's cool where you follow my drawing lessons.

I’ve collected some fantastic Art stuff to give away as a prize…

So, this is what I want you to do.

Take a picture of yourself showing me how and where you do your ShooRaynerDrawing lessons. I want to see you at your desk or on only today the porch with a laptop, or up in a treehouse, or dangling from a chandelier!

Wherever and however, you follow along with my videos, I want to see and I want to be amused, amazed and astonished!

The best five pictures will go on my website and then I will let everyone else choose the final winner, because I know I won’t be able to chose.

When you have taken your picture, post it on my G+ community page or on Twitter with the hashtag #SRD100K so I can find it.

My Twitter name is @shoorayner (why not go and follow me on Twitter too? I’ll follow anyone who uses the same hashtag while the competition is on. The G+ page is here.

Closing date is midday GMT on Wednesday the 11th February 2015. The final voting will end on Midday GMT on Tuesday 17th February 2015 and I will announce the winner the next day.

The overall winner will receive:
A set of 24 Derwent Graphic pencils
A set of 24 Derwent Coloursoft pencils
A Derwent Art Eraser
A rOtring Tikky Graphic pen
A signed limited edition “Welcome to wow look it Shoowaii” print
An exclusive Shoo Rayner Sketchbook
A Signed poster of me!
A Signed copy of my “Everyone Can Draw” book
A signed copy of my Euclid, the man who invented Geometry” Book
And, finally, free access to my new Online Course, that I am working on at the moment, called “Everyone Can Draw”.

All the runners up will also receive free access to the course

I know you all want to win this prize so, take your time, maybe get a friend to help you to take a good picture of you, or maybe a selfie will do the trick. Just t hink about it. I want to be amused, amazed and astonished!

If you want to see me reach that 100,00th subscriber, you can help by telling all your friends and social media contacts about this channel and viagra online doctor tell them to subscribe and be as obviously clever and intelligent as you are!
There’s lots of interesting and new stuff coming up on this channel over the next couple of months, so make sure you are subscribed and keep watching.

In the meantime, keep drawing, drawing, drawing – practice, practice, practice, and I’ll see you next time.

Take care… and good luck!

No show at children’s party charged £15.95!

What-no-partyHave you heard the story about the boy who didn’t turn up to his friend’s snowboarding party? His parents found an invoice in a brown envelope in his school backpack demanding the fee of £15.98, which is about $25, for expenses incurred by the only best offers no show!

I’m sure both sides of the story are equally to blame and that the personal relations are a lot more complicated than the press story makes out.

To me this seems simple:
Was it a birthday party or a school trip?

If it was a birthday party, then the invitation should be given as a sign of friendship. You just don’t charge friends when you offer them hospitality. You may agree beforehand to to shares on buy cheap cialis an expensive venture.

If they are friends and they don’t turn up, first you show concern for their welfare, then you make the effort to understand and then forgive them. You may then make a mental note to call them day before the next party to make sure they are still coming.

Otherwise, this was not a party but a commercial trip organised by the parents of the birthday child, but they didn’t let their clients know they were being charged. That is dishonest. If not a cash fundraiser, they must have seen this party as a social or commercial investment in the people they were inviting. It was not about hospitality but gaining favour.

Favour is always gained by warm hospitality. But hospitality, given merely to gain favour, will never achieve its desired end.