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For the 3rd of December a weekend giveaway treat from Firefly Press!  Email by 9 on Monday 5th December, titling your email ‘Shoo Rayner giveaway’ and one lucky person at random will win Shoo Rayner’s bestselling Dragon Gold and Dragon White and your own Tân the dragon as well!  He’s plush, made in Wales and really irresistible! 

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A Storytelling Trip to Shetland

I’ve spent the last few days in Shetland, telling stories and showing how to draw Vikings and Space stuff as part of Bookweek Scotland organised by the wonderful Scottish Book Trust and Shetland Libraries.

I had a great time in a beautiful place thanks to Margie, whoo looked after me so well, ferrying me from schools to the fabulous museum.

Many thanks to everyone involved and to FlyBe for getting me home again last night! Here is a pretty random video I made:

Signed Scaredy Cats Books available on my Online Store

My new Scaredy Cats book that I recently and successfully launched on KickStarter is now available on my online store.
There is the basic book or, while stocks last, there is a collector’s set, with a free cat mask and all the audio books on a fabulous credit card flash drive. Irrrresistable!
All books are signed for the person of your choice – a purrrfect gift for any little Scaredy Cats you may know!

How to Draw the Mayflower Step By Step

draw-the-mayflower-step-by-stepsmallLearn to draw the Mayflower for Thanksgiving Projects. A step By Step sheet is available on my Patreon Page, as is an advert free video.

How to draw a ghost – Really easy step by step


Step by Step sheets are available from my Patreon Page

Learn how to draw a simple ghost with this really easy video. A step By Step sheet is available on my Patreon Page, as is an advert free video.


Dragon Red – The final story is written!

dragonredideaThe final part of my Dragon series has been delivered to my publishers and, it seems, they are very happy with it. I certainly am.

The Dragon Gold Trilogy has been a bit of a departure for me, having only ever written much shorter books before. It’s been great fun and quite an eye-opener for me. I never realised quite how powerful magic can be in a story.

When I read the magic parts to children, their mouths drop open and they go off into dreamlike  state as they imagine what it would really be like to own a pet dragon.

The stores follow Harri and his pet dragon, Tân. Harry has a rival at school. Not Ryan, but Ryan’s dad, who lives his life through his son, making sure that Ryan wins everything and doing most of his homework too. When Ryan’s dad get’s his own dragon there’s going to be a fight!

Set amongst the magic, mystery, landscape and history of Snowdonia, I like to think the story belts along culminating with the final showdown at Dynas Emrys, the place where Merlin was reputed to have buried his treasure!

I can’t wait to start work on the illustrations! Dragon Red is the final book in the trilogy and is due to be published on St David’s Day – 1st March 2017. I’ll have to start planning a special launch!

You can get Dragon Gold and Dragon White signed with a free poster by following this link. Just time to read them before Dragon White comes out!

Dragon-White-book-cover-v1e DragonGoldFrontcover