Look what I narrated!

A year ago I was asked to narrate a short stop frame animation called Comet – you can see it here

This year, the Dan and Derek Morrow, the Morrow Brothers, asked me to narrate their late work, Token Hearts, a heart-warming story of love and dedication. The hero is a nutcracker, bringing the old Hans Christian Anderson story up to date with an American twist with a bit of Frankenstein and Tim Burton thrown in for good measure!

It’s weird and wonderful hearing yourself tell a story to the visuals you’ve not seen before, but at last the video is live.

You can see just how much hard work they have put into the plasticine right here. Enjoy! and please give the video some love, thumbs up and comments too. It all helps to make it more visible on YouTube.

Elf on the Shelf – Santa’s Stazi Spies?

stazi-elfI’ve just found out about a book and doll gift set called Elf on the Shelf.

The idea is that you hide the elf around the house each day and your children are challenged to find him/her.

The elf is actually there spying for Santa. How long before you can get a model with built in a spy camera so you can download your children’s bad behaviour so you can time them by posting it on YouTube?

This smells a bit like the Stazi to me. What kind of phobias are children building up for later life thanks to this, no doubt well-intentioned, idea?

Would Santa really do this to children? Would it even enter Santa’s mind to spy on children? I think not – at least not the incredible, kind old guy I remember him to be from my childhood – the embodiment of forgiveness, who still brought me presents, even though I was convinced I’d been far too naughty the previous year!

Montgomery School, Hohne, Germany

ballonsThe teachers at Montgomery School in Hohne, Germany, know how to enjoy Friday afternoons. They have a “corridor challenge” friday lunchtime. I had been threatened with having to do a lassoing demonstration, but in the end it turned out to be balloon modelling and much fun was had by all – especially the bemused children that wandered past!

I had great fun last week storytelling in the mornings and drawing in the afternoons with KS1 and foundation. It was fascinating to see years 1 and 2 together doing the same drawing. There is such a developmental variation at the age.

some drawings were amazing and showed a child who was used to drawing. Others were hard to decipher but with a bit of work, you can see that all the lines are there, just in a different style and not necessarily all in the same order!

Children's Author Alan Durant

Children’s Author Alan Durant – click for website

It was great to have Alan Durant with me for the two weeks in Germany. we had the evenings to put the world to rights and work out what is wrong with publishing today!

Army schools are fascinating. The children come and go. There is no cohort of children moving through the school. They also have mums and dads going off to war zones, which must be unsettling for the children and the school as a whole, especially if most of the children are from the same regiment.

It was wonderful working with small groups, doing the wake and shake after assembly, getting to know some of the characters in the school, that I rarely do, when just visiting for a day.tank-selfie

Many thanks to all the teachers, from whom I have learned lots of new crowd control tricks! and many thanks to the children, all of whom worked very hard on their drawings, which I never got to photograph!

Here’s a selfie of me being run over by a tank instead!

how to draw Dark Claw

Learn how to draw the evil Kat with ideas of taking over the universe.

How to draw a chess piece – Castle or Rook

learn to draw a chess piece – in this video learn to draw a Castle or Rook – click here to learn more about chessmen