How to draw a Jellyfish Real Easy

I was on the beach in Cape Cod in the USA last week. I didn’t see any jelly fish, though the beach was littered with the remains of Horseshoe crabs. I’ll have to add them to my very long list pdf things to draw. In the meantime, follow this simple drawing video and learn how to draw a jellyfish for yourself.

How to draw a Velociraptor Real Easy

Grrrr! Learn to draw a velociraptor real easy by following this easy step by step video. Remember, you can stop and start the video as you follow along  you can also watch it as many times as you like. You can also draw it as many times as you like, until you get it right… practice makes perfect ?


How to draw a Magic Toadstool Real Easy

The last of my Autumn/Fall themed drawings that I have been doing this week. Yes, I know the Fly Agaric is a mushroom and not a toadstool, but in fairytale mythology, this is the image shown when a toadstool is mentioned!

Hope you have enjoyed all the Autumn videos. Just follow this easy step by step video to learn how to draw this Fly Agaric type mushroom.

If you would like to see them all then click here for the Autumn Drawing Playlist.