Scaredy Cats Flash Drives


The Scaredy Cat flash drives, for the Collector’s and Cherished supporters editions of the audio book version the Scaredy Cats book, have arrived and are ready for loading the finished audio files of the stories. Only a few more stories left to record now.

Meanwhile, the book is finished and has been sent off to proofing, so everything seems to be going to plan.

KickStarter is Such Fun!


Scaredy Cats Success!


Hooray! My Scaredy Cats KickStarter Campaign was a success and I’m now putting the finishing touches to the book before it goes to the printers. As we reached another stretch goal before the end, I have made stickers and they are at the printers now.

I’m nearly done recording the audio books and the exclusive Scaredy Cat Flash Drives for them to go on should be arriving any day. All steam ahead.

The final illustration

Click to see the kickstarter page

Click to see the kickstarter page

The final Scaredy Cats illustration is done and is in place in  the software, ready to upload to the printers. All that is left to do is place the names of my cherished supporters on the Cherished Supporter’s page. That could be you! Your name, or someone you choose, in every copy of the book.

There are only 56 hours left in the kickstarter campaign as I write and limited places.

It’s a great feeling to have got everything for the book ready in time. Now I’m starting to record the rest of the audio readings. Remember, you get a free audio story when you choose to back the project. See the kickstarter page here.

The Scaredy Cats Song

Have you heard the Scaredy Cats Song? Now you can Click the video above.

The music is by the very talented Chris Wonfor and the lyrics and singing, I’m afraid, is by me!

The Scaredy Cats KickStarter has only 3 days to go – check it out now –

Cats love Scary Stories

Teeth-into-a-goodbook-scaredy-Cats-There are only four days to go in my KickStarter Campaign to make a new edition of the Scaredy Cats book. There are lots of reward levels available – one must surely suit you… and your cat.

The cat on your lap loves to have scary stories read to them – and this is the perfect collection of fantastic, feline fear!

Feel their claws dig in to you knees as you whisper the story of Frankatstein. Listen to the growls and whimpers as you recount the evil doings of Catula. Is there a cat in the world that doesn’t love to hear the creepy story of the Killer Cat Flap?

Treat yourself and your moggy or a cat-loving household you know. You might even enjoy the stories yourself!

How to Draw the Olympic Rings

The Olympics are here again, so learn how to draw the Olympic Rings Easy Peasy!

You will need a coin to draw around for the circles a pencil and crayons, colored pencils or marker pens. You will need Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and a pinky sort of red, which we sometimes call Cerise.

Draw a line to start and use to put the bottom of the coin . Draw round the coiun to mak circlers. FGollow the instructions carefully as this is actually a bit tricky getting the places where the circles cross exactly right.

Good luck and have fun 🙂

Cat Mask added to Scaredy Cats

CatMasksmallScaredy Cats have gone past the first stretch goal target of £1000 on KickStarter and is now at £1180. I have sent artwork off to the printers so everyone will now get a cat mask as well.

Click here to check it out – There are still 8 days to go 🙂