Primrose Hill Primary Academy – Lydney


Evie Warner draws Shoo Rayner Chibi Style!

I visited Primrose Hill Primary Academy in Sydney last Monday. It’s quite local to me.

I had a great day telling stories and drawing with the children. I didn’t know that I was being closely observed!

Evie Warner was taking in the details of my hair and glasses and eyebrows too – and drew me as a mini-me type Chibi style portrait.

I particularly like the short trousers – I hasten to add that I wore long trousers on the day!

Thanks Evie and keep on drawing!

The Wigtown School Playground Mural

While I was in Wigtown for the book festival I made a mural for the school playground. I began with a day in School drawing children who posed for me. Then I showed the children how to draw too. I use these sketches to make the mural, which I painted onto great big, 8 x 4 foot boards. This weekend the boards went up and , to my huge relief, it all fits together.

14571961_1032215340209368_337141823_oHere are some of the children’s drawings – I love how they interpret what I do!kids-drawings

And here is a video about it all!

Inglefield House School Visit

I had a great day, yesterday at Inglefield House School in Monmouth. They were running out of space to the library had to go and be turned into a classroom.
Oh no! No Library.
While I was drawing with the year 3s, a huge, red, London bus arrived and parked up outside the front door. It’s their new Library!A fabulous it was too, with carpets and shelves and seats and reading nooks and crannies all ready for the books that were piled up in crates looking for a new home.
I was given the honour of untying the ribbon and unofficially opening the bus and being the first on board to inspect it.
Have great fun in your library and Read, Read, Read!

Meet me in Cardiff on Saturday 8th October 2016

Come and meet me in Waterstones in Cardiff this Saturday with a Galaxy of Firefly Press star authors.

I’ll be there from 11 until 2 o’clock. Come and show me your sketchbooks, hang out and maybe do some drawing with me. My main session is at one o’clock. Maybe I’ll film you for a video next wednesday!

See you there 🙂