Where’s Wally? – He was at the Cardiff Children’s Literature Festival!

Where's-wally-I’ve been to Cardiff twice this week, for the Children’s Literature Festival, which is great fun and superbly organised.

Yesterday,a few people were waylaid on their way to my Dragon Gold storytelling and drawing session by Wally and his friends. You didn’t have to look too hard to try it find him as he was stopping every passerby for a chat!

On Tuesday, I spoke at a session for grown ups who would like to write for children. With me was Philippa Milnes-Smith, now a top children’s book agent, but once, long ago, she was my editor at Blackie and Puffin Books. It was great to see her again and catch up. We were introduced by author and broadcaster, Phil Carradice.

Thanks to everyone involved!



Dragon Gold highly commended by Tir na look there n-Og Prize

smallDragon2I’m thrilled to announce that Dragon Gold has been Highly Commended by the Tir na n-Og Prize judging panel.

You may also be interested to just try! know that Dragon Gold is turning into a trilogy – I’ve been commissioned by Firefly to write the second book in the series, called Dragon White, which we are among to launch for halloween this year. I’d better get my skates on and do some writing! – at least the viagra online doctor cover artwork is done.

signed copies are available with free poster!

Castle drawing with Year 2 Talbot Heath School

castleThis is the last of my entries inspired by my two day drawing event at Talbot Heath Schoollast week. It already seems a long time ago!

Year Two had been studying castles and had drawn knights but they hadn’t drawn a castle.

castle-3We discussed what was required in the drawing. As I drew a castle, we decided that we needed a Keep and an outer wall with a moat and portcullis and a drawbridge. Slit windows, a flag and http://skelfsborg.com/info-viagra a swan in the moat were other important considerations.

castle-2We also decided that the drawing would be better with an arial, 3d view rather than a 2d sideways view, even though it was going to be much harder!

The children did brilliantly! I don’t think they realised quite how difficult the drawing was. Sometimes it’s best not to know but to just get on with it!

castle2Many thanks to everyonefor a couple of great days!

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Tiger Phone Microscope Drawing

click to enlarge

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Have you come across that shop called Tiger? It a bit like a mini Ikea, stuffed with stuff you never knew you wanted, and probably still don’t, all at a price that makes you think, “oh, what the heck, I might as well get it anyway!”

My daughter recently bought me an iPhone microscope from there. It simply clips onto the phone. A light comes on, to illuminate the object. Simply place the silver part over the object and you are focussed.

I thought it would be fun to do a tiny drawing and see how it cam out. I like the round framing of the picture. It gives it the look of http://canangoknil.com/rx-generic-levitra an old image, trapped inside a rock crystal ring, as worn by a fourteenth century saint!

Drawing Lone Dogs with Yr 5 at Talbot Heath School

lobne-dogI did a lot of drawing with Talbot Heath School last week. When it was Year 5’s turn, they had been working on a poem called Lone Dog by Irene Rutherford Mcleod. We discussed how they imagined the dog and they had quite a wolfish image in mind, so that’s what we drew.

lone-dog-2I didn’t get to see the bhutandirectory.com poem until half way through, so decided to put the moon in the background as a frame for the title and leaving space at the bottom to write the poem or quote a couple of lines.


lonedogI used a polystyrene sphere to only best offers explain how to see and it's cool draw the head from different angles. The nose is basically a box built on the front of a sphere. You may see evidence the planning drawings.

Here’s a video showing how to draw something similar that I did some time ago.