Firefly Press Writing Competition – Stories in a contemporary Welsh Setting

fireflyI’m thrilled to have just signed a contract with Firefly Press, a brand new Welsh publisher. No, I’m not writing a book in Welsh but a book in English with a strong Welsh theme. You could be writing writing one for them too, as they have a competition to find a new writer. They are looking for:

A novel must be aimed at 7-9 year olds, written in English, 15-20,000 words long and set at least in part in contemporary Wales. We will accept stories with a realistic setting or stories with a fantasy/timeslip element, but not stories set exclusively in a fictional fantasy world that has no connection to Wales or historical stories with no contemporary content.

If you don’t know much about Wales, this probably isn’t the competition for you, but if you know a lot about Wales, then maybe this is your chance to finally get yourself into print!

Click for the Link to all the details

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