Draw a penguin for #PenguinDay !

It’s Penguin Day today – Twitter is a little mad with the #PenguinDay hashtag! I did my first penguin video in 2010! I’ve been doing videos on YouTube for some time, so this is a bit of a classic, from before I knew how to edit!

Why not celebrate and think of penguins and while you are at it, watch the video to learn how to draw a penguin! And here is a slightly easier one from Drawstuffrealeasy

Primrose Hill Primary Academy – Lydney


Evie Warner draws Shoo Rayner Chibi Style!

I visited Primrose Hill Primary Academy in Sydney last Monday. It’s quite local to me.

I had a great day telling stories and drawing with the children. I didn’t know that I was being closely observed!

Evie Warner was taking in the details of my hair and glasses and eyebrows too – and drew me as a mini-me type Chibi style portrait.

I particularly like the short trousers – I hasten to add that I wore long trousers on the day!

Thanks Evie and keep on drawing!

How to Draw the Olympic Rings

The Olympics are here again, so learn how to draw the Olympic Rings Easy Peasy!

You will need a coin to draw around for the circles a pencil and crayons, colored pencils or marker pens. You will need Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and a pinky sort of red, which we sometimes call Cerise.

Draw a line to start and use to put the bottom of the coin . Draw round the coiun to mak circlers. FGollow the instructions carefully as this is actually a bit tricky getting the places where the circles cross exactly right.

Good luck and have fun 🙂