How Much Do You Think A Children’s Author Earns Per Book? Poll

How much do you think a children’s author makes from each book they sell? Take the poll that pops up in the video – It’s anonymous – I won’t know who you are or what you think, but it will be very helpful to know what you think. Please ask friends, relatives and colleagues to join in and have a go too. Let’s make this viral!

Imagine that the book says £5.00 on the back – it could be $5 or €5.00
£5.00 = 100% – From that 100% do you think the author gets:

  • 25% = £1.25
  • 10% =0.50p
  • 7.5% = 0.37p
  • 4% = 0.20p
  • 1% =0.05p

I’ll let you know results in a new video quite soon. Make sure you are subscribed to get the results!

10 thoughts on “How Much Do You Think A Children’s Author Earns Per Book? Poll

  1. Kendall Cobb

    I have been a fan for a few years I hope to get a mailed autograph one day!

  2. Keith

    Hi Shoo, I’m guessing 7.5% which is nowhere near enough for all your hard work and ideas.

    I have been watching your Youtube videos for more years than I can remember and love them!

    Best wishes,


  3. Shoo Rayner Post author

    Thanks for the kind words – You’ll have to wait for the next video! 🙂

  4. Maggie Hanshaw

    I wish it were 25%, I know you are worth it. But I’m sure it’s much less. You know what they say, “Artist are a dime a dozen”, wow, That’s an old saying! Love Ya

  5. Shoo Rayner Post author

    Goodness, I’ve never heard that said! I think the problem is that artists generally would happily work for free and so undervalue themselves and what they do. In the great scheme of things, what really does a merchant banker do to improve the world, and do they really deserve the salaries they get?

  6. Shoo Rayner Post author

    I agree! but the financial realities say something quite different. 🙂

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