Suspicious Package

I went to Cribbs Causeway on Saturday. It’s our nearest big shopping mall in Bristol. People come from miles and miles to shop there. They even have day trip flights from France!

A suspicious package was discovered in Marks and Spencer’s so the whole place had to be evacuated. It reminded me of the all the IRA bomb scares in the 1970s. It was a very calm and efficient evacuation. We were soon outside watching the rain clouds forming above us and remeniscing about bomscares we have known. I thought it was quite interesting watching people’s reactions.

Then the mall creche walked past. They were hilarious. About fifteen toddlers and five or six carers all connected at the wrists by luminous green curly wurly cables. It was a fantastic image, so I got out my camera phone and made to take a picture for the weblog. My wife and a friend of ours, who is a teacher, were horrified and asked me if I wanted to be arrested!

It’s so sad that we’ve come to this. Can the world no longer cope with innocent intentions?

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